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It’s Spring 2019!

emily joynton / annabelle buck

emily joynton / annabelle buck

We love this time of year, so we figured that it makes sense to have another amazing art opening at Chapterhouse! We’re breaking out the iced beverages and prepping the air conditioners for a great season with Emily Joynton & Annabelle Buck. Stop by this Friday, April 12th at around 7pm to meet the artists and check out their work.


Emily Joynton • www.automaticbizooty.com

Annabelle Buck • annabellebuck.tumblr.com


Sunshine Summertime 2016

marilyn foehrenbach / laura k. murdoch

marilyn foehrenbach / laura k. murdoch

We had a nice spring, but now it’s summer and the ice machine is working overtime! Why not stop by and cool off with an iced beverage at the Chapterhouse Summer Art Opening Party! We’ve got two artists chilling in the air conditioning all season! Start off the summer by coming by this Friday to see some new art, make some new friends or just chill and have a snack! Laura K. Murdoch & Marilyn Foehrenbach will be here to showcase their fine works. See you there!

Laura K. Murdoch • lauramurdoch.carbonmade.com

Marilyn Foehrenbach • www.marilynfoehrenbach.com



Art Opening • Summer 2013


Samantha Mera-Candedo & Aaron Kent Warder

With each new art show comes new possibilities.  Time goes on and things change, but new art at the Chapterhouse will not. But once the show was two months long, and then three; to satiate the eager viewer, lingering on in that quiet moment when they are taken somewhere else: allowing them to gaze upon the newly garnished plaster and look inside to the artist within and ask: What the f*ck is that?  To which they might reply: I have no idea, but it’s pretty cool.

Art Opening Party this Friday, July 12th 2013

Epic Summer Fun at Chapterhouse! • Two new artists for the Summer Show.

• Samantha Mera-Candedo • http://www.sammera.com

• Aaron Kent Warder • http://www.aaronkentwarder.com

starts at 7pm • wine and snacks • meet and greet the artists


Autumn 2012 Art Opening

Lynnette Shelley & Eleanor Grosch

Lynnette Shelley & Eleanor Grosch

No one would have believed, in the last months of the year 2012, that human affairs were being altered, suddenly and drastically by something so completely and totally awesome; that as artists busied themselves about their affairs they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps as narrowly as one with a microscope might scrutinize the transcient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite calculation, the artists were chosen, and a great multitude of animals, shapes and other weird things came forth and bestowed upon us…


To be held on this date: OCTOBER 12TH, 2012 • Friday @ 7pm
LYNNETTE SHELLY • http://www.lynnetteshelley.com/
ELEANOR GROSCH • http://www.justeleanor.com/


At the Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery
620 S. 9th street in Philadelphia
(between south and bainbridge on 9th)


Summertime Vibes

Adrienne Langer & Drew Falchetta

Adrienne Langer & Drew Falchetta

My word, is it that time already? It’s hot and a little sticky so it must be time for Chapterhouse’s Summer Art Meltdown! This summer we have the smooth stylings ofAdrienne Langer and Drew Falchetta coming at you for a full three months. This is no joke so, come out this Friday July 8th at around 7pm and meet and greet with some really fly folks. We’ll be having some snacks, wine and high fives so bring a towel and your eyeball units and we’ll look at weird things, together. See you there!

July 8th  •  This Friday @ 7pm
Adrienne Langer
Drew Falchetta
620 S. 9th Street • Philadelphia

Spring Show Art Opening Party!

Allison Nitch & Doug Boehm

Allison Nitch & Doug Boehm

What up everyone?! Yay for Spring and new art at the Chapterhouse! We’ve got a great show with Allison Nitch and Doug Boehm, bringing some surreal and beautiful artwork for your face! We’ll be having the usual wine and snacks so stop by and hang out for a bit. Bring some artistic insights and your eyeballs, party starts at 6pm, see you then!

Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery invites you to the Spring 2009 Art Opening Party!
this friday the 10th 6pm till 10pm

620 S. 9th St. • Philadelphia • starts at 6pm

Nov • Dec 2007

November & December 2007

Michael Miller • Tim Gough • Becky Schmidt • Matt Cutius
Gina Triplett • Jude Buffum • Jon Krause

It’s time for our next art opening party this Friday, November 9th. Thanks to all who came out for our 2 year anniversary party, it was unforgettable. Now we invite everyone to check out 6 new artists for the new show, some have been here before and some are new artists, all of them rule, and they’ll all be here to answer your weird questions! So come join us this Friday for some more wine and snacks and gaze upon our walls filled with strange and wonderful things!
Michael Miller • Tim Gough • Becky Schmidt • Matt Cutius • Gina Triplett • Jude Buffum • Jon Krause
this Friday November 9, 2007 • starts at 7pm
Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery • 620 s. 9th st. philadelphia
also: we are donating 5 cents from every coffee and tea sold to Habitat for Humanity till the end of the year. this is a great project and i encourage you to tell your friends about fair trade coffees and the philadelphia independents co-op. spread the word…send this to a friend.