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Autumn 2015/10 Year Anniversary!

eleanor grosch, gina triplett & martha rich

eleanor grosch, gina triplett & martha rich

We survived the Pope-pocolypse and now we’re ready to celebrate with a new art opening at the Chapterhouse! We’ve got the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY on November 1st so we’ll be extra saucy and maybe a little liquored up! This is also a special all ladies show with Eleanor Grosch, Martha Rich and Gina Triplett. Please join us for some wine and snacks, hugs and serious vibes as we cheer on the shop for another ten years! Thanks to the neighbors and past and present employees who helped make it possible! We love you!


GINA TRIPLETT • www.ginaandmatt.com

MARTHA RICH • www.martharich.com

ELEANOR GROSCH • www.justeleanor.com


Autumn Art Opening!

miguel co • eleanor grosch • susan crawford

miguel co • eleanor grosch • susan crawford

If there were words to describe this coming art opening at the Chapterhouse, I’d use them to articulate how cool everything is. But since there aren’t, I can only advise you to stop by this Friday October 11th to check out some new and amazing works by Miguel Co, Susan Crawford & Eleanor Grosch. Your mind will be blown and you can warm up with a chocolate salted carmel latte with almond milk to get your bearings straight after that happens. Hope to see y’all there, y’all!

This Friday @ Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery
620 S. 9th St. in Philadelphia
starts at 7pm
MIGUEL CO • www.miguel-co.com
ELEANOR GROSCH • www.justeleanor.com
SUSAN CRAWFORD • www.planktonart.com

Autumn 2012 Art Opening

Lynnette Shelley & Eleanor Grosch

Lynnette Shelley & Eleanor Grosch

No one would have believed, in the last months of the year 2012, that human affairs were being altered, suddenly and drastically by something so completely and totally awesome; that as artists busied themselves about their affairs they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps as narrowly as one with a microscope might scrutinize the transcient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite calculation, the artists were chosen, and a great multitude of animals, shapes and other weird things came forth and bestowed upon us…


To be held on this date: OCTOBER 12TH, 2012 • Friday @ 7pm
LYNNETTE SHELLY • http://www.lynnetteshelley.com/
ELEANOR GROSCH • http://www.justeleanor.com/


At the Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery
620 S. 9th street in Philadelphia
(between south and bainbridge on 9th)


Art Party • Autumn Show 2010

Gina & Matt • Eleanor Grosch

Gina & Matt • Eleanor Grosch

Hey People!  It’s October and 2010 is long in the tooth…  Let’s wrap up this year with some returning artists to the Chapterhouse.  We’ve got powerhouse duo Gina & Matt, plus house favorite Eleanor Grosch for this show.  As usual, we’ll be hanging out, sipping beverages and talking about art, so don’t delay, mark down this Friday October 8th on your calendar.  See you there yo!

 @ Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery • 620 S. 9th St. • Philadelphia

Jan • Feb 2007

Eleanor Grosch • Matthew Smith • Julie West

Chapterhouse is proud to present three great new artists to bring in the New Year! Eleanor Grosch, Matthew Smith and Julie West will be showing work till March 1st. New mobiles by Rob Cortez and beautiful ceramics from Lisa Graf as well. Come check us out on Friday January 12th, 2007 for our art opening party. Meet the artists or just hang out and eat cheese. Wine and snacks as usual. be there!

Mark your calandar! • Friday, January 12th 2007