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Art Opening • Summer 2013


Samantha Mera-Candedo & Aaron Kent Warder

With each new art show comes new possibilities.  Time goes on and things change, but new art at the Chapterhouse will not. But once the show was two months long, and then three; to satiate the eager viewer, lingering on in that quiet moment when they are taken somewhere else: allowing them to gaze upon the newly garnished plaster and look inside to the artist within and ask: What the f*ck is that?  To which they might reply: I have no idea, but it’s pretty cool.

Art Opening Party this Friday, July 12th 2013

Epic Summer Fun at Chapterhouse! • Two new artists for the Summer Show.

• Samantha Mera-Candedo • http://www.sammera.com

• Aaron Kent Warder • http://www.aaronkentwarder.com

starts at 7pm • wine and snacks • meet and greet the artists