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HOUSEWORK February 20th

HOUSEWORK is having a reading this Saturday with three brilliant local writers: Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, Alex Smith and Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela. It will be great. Hope to see you there! The reading will start at 7pm at Chapterhouse (620 S. 9th St).

• Cyrée Jarelle Johnson is a black non-binary essayist and poet living and working in Philadelphia, PA. Cyree’s work explores femininity as resistance and rebellion, emerging femme thought, and community as a site of trauma. Their writing has appeared in digital and print outlets in the United States, Canada, and Europe including Feministing, Black Girl Dangerous, and most recently in the forthcoming Queerspawn Anthology.

• Alex Smith is a queer black activist, poet, dj, actor, musician, afro punk/afro-futurist chronicler of the naughty universe. Smith’s work speaks to the edge, to the post-fringe dystopia slowly creeping upon us. Too cantankerous and flamboyant for the Saul Williams wanna-be/def poetry set, too tribal for academia, Smith paints viral inscriptions for an audience of armed pixie insurrectionists. He is the founder and curator of the queer-empowered Laser Life sci-fi reading series, where he met his co-conspirators in Metropolarity, a sci-fi/speculative arts collective that uses the genre’s tropes for activism and transformative, visionary art. Selected by Rosarium Publishing for the anthology dedicated to the writing of Samuel Delany, Stories for Chip, it’s Alex’s flash fiction collection, “Gang Stalk Oprah“, with its lines hashed like an SAT-word injected SEPTA bus graffiti, and self-published sci-fi zine “Ark Dust” that will kidnap you, convert you, shoot you in the leg and then set you free.

• Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. And though she’s also paid some sort of rent in Lawrence, Detroit, D.C., Denver, Laramie, Havana and the Mexican state of Chiapas, Philadelphia has mostly been her home since 2000. Her poetry and prose has been supported by the work of The Leeway Foundation, Hedgebrook, Art Farm, Fancyland, VONA/Voices, Lambda, Make/shiftAs UsThe Rust Belt Rising, SolsticeAPIARY, Aster(ix), Big Bell and others. She is the founder of Thread Makes Blanket press www.threadmakesblanket.com and teaches at Community College of Philadelphia.